Based on the film by Reinhold Schünzel
Book by Blake Edwards, Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
Music by Henry Mancini, Additional Music by Frank Wildhorn

Tony Roberts, Julie Andrews

Victor/Victoria is a witty, comic romp examining questions of gender, identity and love, set in Paris in the 1930's. English soprano Victoria Grant finds herself at a nightclub, without work or money. She meets Carroll Todd, or "Toddy," a performer at the club who gets fired while trying to help her. The two soon team up and embark on an unlikely (and surprisingly successful) scheme. With Toddy's help, Victoria becomes "Count Victor Grazinski" - a renowned female impersonator. The twist is of course that she is a woman, claiming to be a man, claiming to be a woman. Things get even crazier when sparks begin to fly between Victoria and a notorious Chicago businessman, King Marchan, and he sets out to uncover "the Count's" secret.

Julie Andrews and Company

The show is based on a 1933 German film, written by Reinhold Schünzel and titled Viktor und Viktoria. The story was reworked as a musical film in 1982. The film starred Julie Andrews and had a script by Blake Edwards (who also directed) and Hans Hoemburg, music by Henry Mancini and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse.

The production team then began working to adapt the piece for the Broadway stage. Unfortunately, Henry Mancini passed away in June of 1994, and did not see this effort come to fruition. During a pre-Broadway tryout of the show, Frank was asked to write additional material for the stage production, to be performed by Julie Andrews and her costars. The songs "Trust Me," "Louis Says," and "Living in the Shadows" are by Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse, and completed the score for the Broadway production.

Tony Roberts, Julie Andrews, Rachel York, Michael Nouri

Once again directed by Blake Edwards, Victor/Victoria opened at the Marquis Theatre on 25 October 1995, where it ran for 25 previews and 734 performances, closing 27 July 1997. Leading the original cast were Julie Andrews, Michael Nouri, Tony Roberts and Rachel York. Liza Minnelli and Raquel Welch have also played the dual title role on Broadway. The show has since been seen on national tour and on regional and international stages.

Broadway production photography by Carol Rosegg and Joan Marcus,
as featured in Cherry Lane Music's Victor/Victoria songbook



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