The Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel is a swashbuckling, adventurous romantic musical. Set against the backdrop of the bloody French Revolution, this is a tale of courage, betrayal, justice, intrigue, trust, honor and love. The show is packed with action, romance and comedy.

Amy Bodnar, William Paul Michals - Where's The Girl

Appalled at the frequent beheadings in Paris, a group of English nobles cross the channel and use disguises (above), ruses, and wit to foil the French army and rescue the innocents who are sentenced to death. While on English soil, the "League of the Scarlet Pimpernel" pose as the fanciest of fops to avoid suspicion

James Judy, Douglas Sills, Russell Garrett - Creation of Man

The group's leader - The Scarlet Pimpernel himself - is none other than Sir Percival "Percy" Blakeney, Baronet. Percy has married a French actress, Marguerite St. Just, who has a shadowy past including an affair with the Pimpernel's arch-nemesis, Chauvelin. To raise the stakes even higher, Chauvelin - an agent of the French Republic - blackmails Marguerite into helping him discover the identity of the Pimpernel.

This show comes complete with moving ballads, hilarious dialogue, a macabre guillotine, daring rescues and a thrilling sword-fight. Seek it here, seek it there...

Broadway and tour production photography by Joan Marcus.

Original Broadway Logo

The showfirst opened on 9 November 1997 at the Minskoff Theatre with Douglas Sills, Christine Andreas and Terrence Mann in the lead roles. Previews for this run started on 7 October 1997, and it played through 1 October 1998. This wasn't an outright closing, however...

In an unprecedented move, new producers came on board in mid-run to revitalize the show. The creative team, with new director Robert Longbottom, made numerous revisions. These included many alterations to the script and blocking, and the addition, modification or removal of several songs. Thus, the original version of the show was quite different from any of those which have been performed since.

Second Broadway Logo

The revised Pimpernel resumed performances at the Minskoff on 10 October 1998. The second run of the show officially opened on 4 November, and played through 30 May 1999. Douglas Sills remained in the title role, and was joined by Rachel York and Rex Smith.

Pimpernel saw a few more changes to allow it to play in smaller venues. It went on a "mini-tour" during the summer of 1999, stopping in Dallas and Houston, Texas and in Atlanta, Georgia. The leads for this tour were Ron Bohmer, Carolee Carmello and Marc Kudisch. This cast and production then returned to New York, opening at the Neil Simon Theatre on 10 September 1999 and playing there through 2 January 2000

First U.S. tour: The first national tour of Pimpernel played in thirty-two cities. The tour opened in New Haven, Connecticut on 20 February 2000, and its final performance was in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 1 April 2001. The touring cast featured William Michals, Amy Bodnar and, playing the lead role at different times, Douglas Sills, Robert Patteri and Ron Bohmer.

Below are two separate song lists from The Scarlet Pimpernel. The first is from the original production, which ran at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway from 9 November 1997 through 1 October 1998. The second is from the revised production, which also played at the Minskoff Theatre and then at the Neil Simon Theatre on Broadway. The latter is the song list that is now used for all licensed productions.

You can learn more about the development of the show and its different versions in the History Section of the Pimpernel website.

The original production of Pimpernel

"Madame Guillotine" Ensemble
"Believe" Percy, Marguerite and Ensemble
"Vivez!" Marguerite, Lady Digby, Lady Llewellyn, Percy and Ensemble
"Prayer" Percy
"Into The Fire" Percy and The League
"Falcon in the Dive" Chauvelin
"When I Look At You" Marguerite
"The Scarlet Pimpernel" Percy, Marguerite, Marie, Armand, Lady Digby, Lady Llewellyn and Servants
"Where's the Girl?" Chauvelin
"When I Look at You" (Reprise) Percy
"The Creation of Man" Percy, Prince of Wales and The League
Marguerite's Dilemma Chauvelin and Marguerite
"The Riddle" Chauvelin, Marguerite, Percy and Ensemble
"They Seek Him Here" Percy, Prince of Wales, Lady Digby, Lady Llewellyn and Ensemble
"Only Love" Marguerite
"She Was There" Percy
"Storybook" Leontine and French Chorus
"Where's the Girl?" (Reprise) Chauvelin
"Lullaby" Helene and Chloe
"You Are My Home" Marguerite, Armand and French Prisoners
The Duel Percy and Chauvelin
"Believe" (Reprise) Percy, Marguerite and Company
"Into the Fire" (Reprise) Company

The revised production of Pimpernel (SP2 through SP4), currently available for licensing:

"Storybook" Marguerite and French Ensemble
"Madame Guillotine" Chauvelin and Ensemble
"You Are My Home" Percy and Marguerite
Wedding Dance Ensemble
"Prayer" Percy
"Into The Fire" Percy and The League
The Rescue Ensemble
"Falcon in the Dive" Chauvelin
"When I Look At You" Marguerite
"Where's the Girl?" Chauvelin
"You Are My Home" (Reprise) Marguerite and Armand
"The Creation of Man" Percy and The League
Marguerite's Dilemma Chauvelin, Marguerite
"The Riddle" Chauvelin, Marguerite and Percy
"The Scarlet Pimpernel" Percy, Marguerite and Ball Guests
"They Seek Him Here" Percy and Ball Guests
The Gavotte Ensemble
"She Was There" Percy
"Storybook" (Reprise) Marguerite and French Girls
"Where's the Girl?" (Reprise) Chauvelin
"Into the Fire" (Reprise) The League
"I'll Forget You" Marguerite
The Duel Percy, Chauvelin and Marguerite
"When I Look at You" (Reprise) Percy and Marguerite
"Into the Fire" (Reprise) Ensemble


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