Monte Cristo

Book and Lyrics by Jack Murphy

Count of Monte Cristo

Frank Wildhorn and Jack Murphy have created a musical version of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, père. The show had its world premiere on 14 March 2009 at Theater St. Gallen in Switzerland. Two related videos have been posted at (in German). The song list for this production has just been added to this site.

The St. Gallen, Switzerland production will return for a third season on 9 October, with performances currently planned through 30 December 2010. Tickets are available through the Theater St. Gallen website. The show's first season ran from 14 March through 13 June 2009 and the second season ran from 3 October 2009 through 5 April 2010. Andreas Gergen directs, Koen Schoots serves as musical director and Melissa King provides choreography, with Kim Scharnberg as orchestrator, Allen Moyer as set designer, Susanne Hubrich as costume designer, Jochen Schmidtke as fight captain and Simon Eichenberger as dance captain. Kevin Schroeder provided the German translation.

The Swiss cast is led by Thomas Borchert as Edmond Dantès/The Count of Monte Cristo. He is joined by Sophie Berner as Mercédès, Carsten Lepper as Fernand Mondego, Christoph Goetten as Gérard von Villefort, Karim Khawatmi as Baron Danglars, Dean Welterlen as Abbé Faria, Kurt Schrepfer as Jacopo, Daniel Berini as Albert von Morcerf, Barbara Obermeier as Valentine, Ava Brennan as Luisa Vampa and André Bauer as Morrel. The ensemble includes Suzanne Carey, Caroline Frank, Ina Wagler, Simon Eichenberger, Matthias Förster, Jochen Schmidtke and Patrick Stamme.

The show played at the Universal Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea, from 21 April through 13 June 2010. Ryu Jung-han (Jekyll & Hyde, Hero), Um Ki-joon (The Three Musketeers) and Shin Sung-rok (Hamlet) shared the title role while Ock Joo-hyun (Chicago) and Cha Ji-yeon (Queen Seondeok) played Mercédès. The cast also includeed Choi Min-chul and Cho Hui as Mondego, Cho Won-hee and Lee Yong-geun as Abbé Faria, Kim Seung-dae and Jeon Dong-seok as Albert, Cho Sun-chang as Villefort, Jang Dae-woong as Danglars, Han Ji-yeon as Luisa, Lee Mi-kyung as Valentine, Lee Jung-soo as Jacopo, and Kim Na-moo as Morrel. Robert Johanson, who was artistic director of the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey for eighteen years, directed.

More information can be found at and at the Universal Arts Center website.

Here is the song list from the St. Gallen, Switzerland world-premiere production of The Count of Monte Cristo:

 Act One:
Prolog - Fiat justitia / Prologue - Let Justice Be Done Ensemble
Ein Leben lang / When Love Is True Edmond, Mercédès
Hebt das Glas / Raise A Glass Guests at the engagement party
Geschichte / A Story Told Mondego, Danglars, Villefort
Niemals allein / I Will Be There Edmond, Mercédès
Jeder Tag ein kleiner Tod / Every Day A Little Death Edmond, Mercédès, Mondego
Unterricht / Lessons Learned Abbé Faria, Edmond
Könige / When We Are Kings Abbé Faria, Edmond
Piraten - Wahrheit oder Wagnis / Pirates - Truth Or Dare Luisa Vampa, Edmond, Pirates
Der Schatz - Reprise Könige / The Treasure - When We Are Kings Reprise Edmond
Wie mich die Welt umarmt / When The World Was Mine Mercédès
Tanz die Tarantella / Dance The Tarantella Courtesans
Hölle auf Erden / Hell To Your Doorstep Monte Cristo
Act Two:
Karneval in Rom - Reprise Tarantella / Carnival In Rome - Tarantella Reprise Ensemble
Ah, Frauen / Ah, Women Monte Cristo, Albert
So wie man hört / That's What They Say Monte Cristo's Ball Guests
Diese Augen/Der Mann ist tot / I Know Those Eyes/This Man Is Dead Mercédès, Monte Cristo
Die Falle/Zuviel ist nie genug / The Trap/Too Much Is Never Enough Monte Cristo, Danglars, Villefort, Mondego
Schöner Schein / Pretty Lies Valentine
All die Zeit / All This Time Mercédès
Der Mann, der ich einst war / The Man I Used To Be Edmond/Monte Cristo
Hölle auf Erden Reprise / Hell To Your Doorstep Reprise Mondego, Edmond
Finale - Reprise Niemals allein / Finale - I Will Be There Reprise Edmond, Mercédès


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