Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel

An original musical
Book and lyrics by Nan Knighton

Frank is working with Nan Knighton on a new musical about the life of the French sculptress, Camille Claudel. The world-premiere production was presented by Goodspeed Musicals at their Norma Terris Theater in Chester, CT. The staging took place from 14 August through 7 September 2003.

Camille Claudel was a woman who broke all the rules. She was a sculptor in the late 1800's-early 1900's, in a time when women did not sculpt. If they did, it was merely a hobby preceding marriage. No woman sculptor of this period achieved fame - except for Camille. One critic described her as "a revolt against nature - a woman of genius!" She was feisty, funny, beautiful, and the musical reflects her humor and zest. Camille enchanted her mentor, Auguste Rodin, and became his mistress and muse. What began for them as pure love turned into a stormy journey to discover where the line between lover and competitor is drawn.

The song "Gold" is the eleven o'clock number in this show. It can be heard in Linda's concerts and on her albums, Gold and Broadway, My Way. You can also listen to a sound clip of Gold

Latest News:

The Camille Claudel demo and a gallery of production photos from the Goodspeed Musicals production are available on Nan Knighton's website.

Camille Claudel was presented at The National Alliance for Musical Theatre's 16th Annual Festival of New Musicals. The Festival took place during NAMT's Fall Conference, on 3 & 4 October 2004 at the Dodger Stages complex in New York City. Playbill Online reported the full roster of musicals to be presented. Each musical was showcased there in 45 minute readings before an invitation-only audience of NAMT members and industry professionals. Past shows that have been part of this Festival include Thoroughly Modern Millie, Children of Eden, Honk! and Songs for a New World. For more information on NAMT and the Festival, visit NAMT's Website.

Join other fans to discuss the show at the CamilleFans Yahoo Group.

Nan Knighton's Website
Read a more detailed synopsis of the show and thoughts on "Gold."
There is also a new page with links to articles and other related items.

Below is the song list from the world premiere production of Camille Claudel at Goodspeed Musicals' Norma Terris Theater in Chester, Connecticut in 2003. Several songs were added, changed or removed during this run, and this is the final song list from the run.

Scene 1: Camille's Studio / The World Outside (1913)
Scene 2: Claudel Country Home / The Devil's Basket (1881)
"In The Stone" Camille
Scene 3: A Classroom in Paris (1883)
"What You Can Grasp In Your Hands" Rodin, Camille and Girls
Scene 4: Claudel Home in Paris (later that night)
"Enough of Paris" Claudel Family
Scene 5: Rodin's Studio, Paris (1884)
The Gates of Hell (dance sequence) Ensemble
"Verge of a Kiss" Rodin
"I'm Home" Camille
Scene 6: Le Salon des Artistes, Paris, A Committee Room (1884)
"Not A Man" Committee Members and Camille
Scene 7: Claudel Home (later that night)
Scene 8: Rodin's Studio (immediately following)
The Waltz (dance sequence) Lead dancers
"A Woman In His Arms" Camille
Scene 9: Rodin's Studio / The Streets of Paris (1884-1894)
"Unveiled" Company
Scene 10: Rodin's Studio (1895)
"Taking Back My Life" Camille and Rodin
Scene 1: Rodin's Studio (1896)
Camille & Rodin (dance sequence) Lead dancers
"A Trembling Man" Rodin
Scene 2: Claudel Home / The World Outside (immediately following)
"Snow Falls" Monsieur Claudel and Camille
"Field of Angels" Paul
"What's Never Been Done Before" Camille
Scene 3: An Art Gallery in Brussels (1896)
"The Night It Began" Company and Camille
"Learning How To Love You" Rodin and Camille
Scene 4: Rodin's Studio, Paris (1898)
Scene 5: The World Outside (1898-1908)
Scene 6: The Banks of the Seine (1908)
"Woman in My Arms: Reprise" Rodin
Scene 7: Claudel Home / Camille's Sudio (1909-1911)
Scene 8: Rodin's Studio (1912)
"If" Camille and Rodin
Scene 9: Camille's Studio / The World Outside (1912-1913)
"Snow Falls: Reprise" Monsieur Claudel and Camille
Scene 10: Here (today)
"Gold" Camille


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