How can I audition for one of Frank's shows?

The best places to watch for audition notices for upcoming Frank Wildhorn productions are the regular industry sources such as the Backstage print publication, or

Does Frank give master classes? Where can I find out more about them?

Frank does give master classes. When they are open to the public, details will be posted in advance on this site.
If you're are interested in booking a master class with Frank, please visit our Contact Us section and send us a message

Can I submit a new production for posting on the Calendar?

Absolutely. Visit our Contact Us section and drop us a line with the relevant details. Our webmaster will then get in touch with you to discuss the details.

Where can I purchase one of Frank's albums or a recoding of one of Frank's shows?

Albums and recordings can be found at either iTunes or

Where can I purchase songbooks?

You should be able to purchase any songbook that is still in print, at any local or online music retailer. is a great place to start. Out of print songbooks can sometimes be hard to find. You're best bet is to search for " used sheet music websites" at google, and see what you can find.

How do I secure the rights to stage one of Frank's shows?

Inquiries for performance rights to Jekyll & Hyde, The Civil War or Dracula, The Musicalshould be directed to Music Theatre International (MTI). For more information visit:

Or contact them at:
Music Theatre International
421 W. 54th St.
New York, NY 10019
tel: 212-541-4684
fax: 212-397-4684

Inquiries for performance rights to The Scarlet Pimpernel or Victor/Victoria should be directed to the Tams-Witmark Music Library. For more information visit:

Or contact them at:
Tams-Witmark Music Library
560 Lexington Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10022
tel: 1-800-522-2181 (NY) or  1-800-221-7196 (US)
fax: 212-688-3232

For questions regarding performance rights to Frank's other shows, please visit our Contact Us section.



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